A Happy Balaram Jayanti (Balaram Poornima)! Glories of Lord BALARAM/BALADEV/DAUJI Lord Balaram is Lord Krishna’s beauty incarnation.

Three differences between Lord Krishna and Lord Balaram are:
1. Lord Krishna is Shyam, blackish in color whereas Lord Balaram is whitish in color.
2. Lord Krishna has flute in His hand whereas Lord BALARAM has plough and Buffalo bugle in His hands.
3. Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who takes service from everybody, whereas Lord BALARAM is Supreme in giving service.

Lord Balaram is the first expansion of Lord KRISHNA, who attracts jivas towards Lord Krishna. Lord Balaram is known as servitor God, Who teaches living entities how to serve Lord Krishna. Lord Balaram serves Krishna in all the five rasas... = SHANTA RASA: He becomes umbrella, ornaments, dress, pillow, bed, of the Lord. = DASYA RASA: Always engaged as servant of the Lord…helping Krishna to steal butter, massaging Krishna’s lotus feet when He was taking rest under a tree. = VATSALYA RASA : When Krishna birthday was to be celebrated on the banks of Yamuna, Balaram warned that don’t go there is Kaliya…Balaram complained to Mother Yashoda that Krishna is eating mud…Krishna eat the mud for wanted taste the dust of the mud touched by Balaram’s body. = SAKHYA RASA : Balaram used to tease Krishna by telling your father Nanda Maharaj is white, Mother Yashoda is white,…but why are you black, this is because you are adopted child. = MADHURYA RASA: Balaram expands as sister of Radha…Anagha Manjari…and served Krishna. Lord Balaram means BALA means abode of unlimited spiritual strength. RAMA means abode of unlimited spiritual pleasure. Without Bala from Lord Balaram it is not possible to take up spiritual life. Lord Balaram had two mother’s Devaki and Rohini, because… 1. Six children born before Balaram where marichis…who were all offenders… 2. They were representations of Arishadvaragas, (Six enemies of the Mind) – Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya. 3. Before Lord Krishna was to be born, Lord Balaram appeared as Seventh Child in Devaki’s womb to make ready for Krishna’s appearance. Lord Balaram is called as Swayamprakash, A torchlight Who provides direction in Spiritual Life. Lord Krishna gave sword of transcendental knowledge to destroy the ignorance, the strength required to lift this sword is given by Lord Balaram, sharpening of this sword happens by engaging in service and to apply this knowledge requires Grace. --> Lord Balaram killed various demons, which represents removal of various bad qualities.

1. Dhenukasura killed by Balaram represents removing the burden of ignorance, concept of I and mine.
2. Pralambasura killed by Balaram represents removing disguise..hypocrisy, egoism, lust.(enemies disguised as best friend)
3. Romaharshana killed by Balaram represents removing Bad Character…pride.

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Lord Balaram is called as most merciful Godhead because… = Came in Kali Yuga as Nityananda Prabhu…who takes people to Chaitanya…to make them receive Lord Chaitanya’s mercy. = Jagai and Madhai in all their previous incarnations were killed, only in Kali Yuga they were not killed, but liberated. Real Raksha, protection comes from taking shelter of Lord BALARAM…