In addition to avoiding the offenses one should also be attentive while chanting or in other words one should not be inattentive while chanting. For example, if one is studying for the exams, one likes to study with full concentration and if somebody speaks loudly he will say, “please do not disturb me”. Similarly the chanting of sixteen rounds should not be executed inattentively. if we chant attentively then chanting will gradually destroy our “Anarthas” as Rupa govami has explained as a result of bhajana kriya, anartha nivrtti takes place. Bhajana kriya is the process of chanting and hearing along with the execution of the process of Sadhana Bhakti. Why we are not surrendering to Krsna ? due to the presence of unlimited anarthas which are the results of desires from past lives and sinful activities executed prior to coming to krsna consciusness and sinful activities desires that we have accumulated from the environment and anarthas are stumbling blocks srila p-rabhupada used to give an example of a person suffering from cataract he can not see clearly just as the clouds cover the sun these anarthas cover our contiutional position to engage in the service of the lord that is why Sri caitanya mahaprabhu has Said “ Ceto-Darpana-Marjanam  [ Cc. Antya 20.12]” as a result of attenitve chanting and our endeavor to avoid the offenses, one is to destroy the anartheas and gradually develop Nistha but nistha by itself is not enough we have to keep endeavoiring endeavoring and endeavoring and then ultimately nistha culminates in Krsna Prema. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu explained to Rupa Gosvami like a gardener builads a srtong so that neighbohood animals individuals etc. may not come and steal a strong by keepiceng oneself in the associattion of devotee, especially advanced devotees about the trancendental topics of the lord but with the help of the advncoed devotees and Spiritual Master one can also correct one’s matetrial weaknesses that have the tendency to keep sprouting. So that one’s devotional career can go on without any hindrances.

(From “Qualities of a Devotee“ by H.G. Gopal Krishna Goswami)